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Help us build the new museum!

Information brochure
Sponsorship for Memorial 40-45 Kapelle

Stichting Vitality
Goessestraatweg 6 
4421 PJ Kapelle
IBAN: NL38 RABO 01144 39583
RSIN no. 851835570
Chamber of Commerce no. 55725767
Tel. +31 6 1002 8568

1 Introduction

The Vitality Foundation is a public benefit organization whose purpose is to operate the museum “Memorial 40-45 Kapelle”, contribute to commemorations and education to schools and associations, all in memory of and particularly focused on France’s role in the Second World War in the Netherlands and in Zeeland in particular, and cooperation thereafter in the context of Peace and Security.
In 2012, the Foundation was established and the museum opened to visitors. In 2019, the museum received the designation “Registered Museum”.
Plans for a new museum are in preparation. This will require significant financial resources and volunteers. Together with you, we want to make the realisation of this new museum a reality. You can participate by making a donation or by sponsoring (financially and/or in kind).
If you care about the museum and would like to support the museum and its construction in any way, we would like to get in touch with you. Support can be given in many ways and for many reasons.

We often receive questions about sponsorship. This brochure therefore gives an overview of common reasons or motives for sponsoring and what forms of “quid pro quo” the foundation could give, if you so wish. Of course, this is a case of customisation.
The museum does not receive a structural subsidy and depends on contributions from admission fees, private donations (including from Friends of the museum) and sponsorship from the business community. Occasionally, we receive one off payments for projects from funds.
The Vitality Foundation has been designated as a cultural ANBI. This offers attractive tax opportunities, which we will discuss later in this brochure with some examples.

We are grateful for all contributions and, as a museum, we want to reciprocate. The contributions we receive in the run-up to the new museum are mainly needed to continue the operation of the foundation, to prepare plans and to build the new museum.

In this brochure, we discuss the following aspects of sponsorship:
1. Why does a sponsor want to contribute (financially or in kind) to the museum
2. What can a sponsor expect in return?
3. What tax issues are involved in sponsorship
4. Conditional sponsorship commitments
This brochure applies (provisionally) to the construction phase. It may require adjustment for the operational phase.

2 Some reasons to contribute to the museum as a sponsor (financially or in kind)

Important reasons to sponsor the museum can lie in the sponsor’s commitment to the initiative, the initiator and the objective promoted by the Vitality Foundation. The collection, objects, the stories chronicled, the events held, the memory of the efforts of Frenchmen in World War II are appealing and are reasons to sponsor.
Another focused motive is the possibility to show as a sponsor or a company that you feel involved in the aspects of Peace and Security in the world, as it is expressed in the museum, at commemorations and in education.
A third motive focuses on the educational aspect conducted by the foundation. Involving children in the stories of the contribution of the French, as part of the Second World War story, at an early age, helps to strengthen their interests. With good reason, our motto is “We preserve their stories”, and it is precisely these stories that we want to pass on.
A fourth motive may lie in the area of image and brand awareness in terms of company and/or product, strengthening public perception. The possibility of advertising in the newsletter, on the sponsor board, website, logo on printed matter and/or tableware in the restaurant, etc. can increase the awareness of the sponsor/company.

3 What quid pro quo can a sponsor expect

It also depends on the motive for sponsoring which form of consideration is most appropriate. A quid pro quo can be a one-off, can be long-term, etc.
For our museum, we have listed a few general quid pro quos based on the aforementioned motives:
– Name on sponsor board
– VIP invitations
– Entry tickets (discounted or free)
– Mention on promotional material
– Free advertising in the newsletter and on the website
– Joint advertising in member magazines
– Association of company name with the Vitality Foundation or a project
– Right to use the name and logo of the Foundation in your own advertising
– Access to mailing lists of sponsored newsletter
– Cooperation in exhibitions
– Possibility to organise own exhibitions in the new museum

Based on the above overview, Vitality Foundation has the following proposal for quid pro quos when sponsoring the new museum. A quid pro quo always involves amounts excluding VAT. If no quid pro quo, then no VAT and it is a donation (see also H.4).

We have a basic package of up to € 1,000, which is further expanded as the sponsorship increases. The basic package consists of:
Sponsorship up to € 1,000 (basic package):
– Opportunity to visit the construction site on an open day.
– Invitation to the opening event for max. 2 persons per company.

Sponsorship from € 1000 (above basic package):
– Company name on the website and newsletter for 1 year.
– Invitation to the ceremony of the laying of the first brick (max. 2 persons).
– Invitation to attend the moment the building reaches its highest point.
– From € 10,000: Company name entry in museum’s premises (in addition to website and newsletter) for at least 1 year.

All sponsors (from € 1000) receive a number of points, depending on the amount sponsored. Apart from the aforementioned quid pro quo, these points can be redeemed at your own discretion.

Sponsor amount (in euro, excl. VAT)

Points received

1.000 – 2.500

2 – 5

2.500 – 5.000

5 – 10

5.000 – 10.000

10 – 20

10.000 – 25.000

20 – 50

25.000 – 50.000

50 – 100

50.000 +

100 + 20 per € 10.000

The points you receive can be freely spent after the opening of the new museum on the following opportunities:
– Attending meetings with more people in the basic package (1 point per person)
– Entry ticket to museum, 1 point
– Memorial package for 2 persons (entrance ticket, coffee at museum), 3 points
– Use of space in museum café (max. 20 people), per half day, 10 points
– Use of cinema per half day, 25 points
– Placement of company logo and link to company website on Memorial website for 3 years, 5 points
– One-off opportunity to present company in newsletter (max. 250 words), 20 points
– VIP invitations once a year, 50 points
– Chocolate package with Memorial logo, 10 points
– Package of typical French products, 10 points
– Friends pass (for 1 year) for free admission to museum and discounts in museum shop/café, 5 points
– Free ticket for the opening of a temporary exhibition, 3 points

Points can be used up to 1 year after the opening (up to 20 points); if a larger number of points is available, usage can be determined by mutual agreement over a longer period (max. 5 years) after issue.
Additional services (from 500 points), such as an event at the museum location, a presentation or a work of art (museum-related) can be agreed upon. If the sponsor has its own ideas, we will be happy to discuss them. Made-to-measure!

4 What are the tax issues involved in sponsorship?

Companies and individuals can participate in the realisation of the new museum through a donation or sponsorship. Memorial 40-45 Kapelle is classified as a Cultural ANBI, fiscally this means that there are possibilities for exemption from gift tax and inheritance tax and several other attractive fiscal possibilities for Dutch residents. Companies and organisations outside the Netherlands are advised to seek information on possible tax benefits from their own tax authorities.

Your gift will benefit our cultural objective completely, our foundation still runs entirely on volunteers, there is no staff and no payment is made to volunteers or other board members. In the new museum, there will possibly be professional support.

5 Conditional sponsorship commitments

The costs of the new museum are included in the bid book to the sum of €4,280,000. The foundation costs currently consist of plan development costs (budgeted at €300,000) and costs for realisation (purchase of land, building/terrain, museum furnishings and unforeseen).
With the bid book in hand, we are looking for support for the project and parties willing to contribute in the form of sponsorship. Budgets are needed for the plan development in the short term. Insight into the commitments, whether conditional or not, determines the feasibility of the project.
To have the budget available for plan development, we propose to work with conditional pledges. The conditions for a commitment are as follows:
1. Funding to enable realisation is in place
2. Final environmental permit has been granted
3. However, to clarify the element of time, we as a board set a deadline, namely 31 December 2025.
Once the first 2 conditions are met, the commitment becomes unconditional and is made payable by sponsor.
Disbursement can be made in the following ways:
– An amount (pledge) is immediately made available in full and placed in a separate account, with the exception of 15% of the pledge to be used for, if necessary, plan development. The 85% will be used if the 3 conditions are met. If these are not met, the money will be returned to the sponsor.
– Only the 15% of the commitment for planning costs will be made available directly as sponsorship. The remaining 85% of the allocation is made available if the three conditions are met.
– Interim solutions (customisation) can be discussed in consultation.

6 Contact information

Museum Memorial 40-45 Kapelle is a museum with Cultural ANBI status registered under the name “Stichting Vitality”.  

Stichting Vitality
Goessestraatweg 6
4421PJ Kapelle, Nederland
RSIN no 851835570
Chamber of Commerce no. 55725767
Rabobank: NL38RABO0114 4395 83

For more information, please contact us at:
Chairman Andries Looijen, telephone: +31 (0)6 1002 8568
General matters and contact via email:
Financial/tax matters email:

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