Memorial Museum and French Cemetery in Kapelle

'we preserve their stories'

Every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 5 pm or by appointment.

Since 2021 Memorial 40-45 Kapelle has been telling quite a remarkable history about the French in particular how they influenced this period with their armed forces. They also tell the story of the inhabitants of Kapelle during the occupation. This is all to be seen in our Museum on the Goessestraatweg.

After 8 years our collection of objects and documents has expanded so much that we are limited to receive schools or large groups. Because of that we want to move our museum next to the only French War Cemetery in the Netherlands, that is situated in Kapelle. There is no better place than to tell the story behind these graves.

We need your support in order to do this! Will you help us so we can keep on telling this story?

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Location and contact

Interested parties can visit the collection during opening hours.

Opening hours: Every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 5 pm or by appointment.

Memorial 40-45 Kapelle
Goessestraatweg 6

Tel: 06-10028568

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