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Help us build this new Museum!

Corporate Sponsorship.

As to be seen on our website, we intend to build a new museum but this requires financial resources and volunteers. How gratifying it would be to achieve this together! Companies and individuals can contribute by means of a gift or sponsorship. We have several options available.

Memorial 40-45 Kapelle is designated as ‘Cultural ANBI’ and therefore has an exemption from gift and inheritance tax, because of this there are many attractive tax options. Your gift will fully benefit our cultural cause and because our foundation is run entirely by volunteers, we have no staff payment or payment to board members.


If you wish to donate an amount as a private individual it is possible, under certain conditions, to deduct the taxes. As a private individual you can also donate periodically. For instance, if you support us for at least 5 years, your tax advantage is maximum (no franchise is applied). For this we do not have a minimum amount, for each euro you spend, you will receive a deduction 25% higher.

Here is an example:
If you (individual) would donate € 200,00  every year for 5 years, you may deduct € 200.00  + 25% = € 250.00 for tax purposes. For further informations and conditions we direct you to the e-mail address below.

For companies deductions are possible when it comes to gifts (without compensation) up to 50% advantage (with a maximum of € 2,500.00 ).

Example 1: if your company makes a donation of € 2,000.00, you realise a deductible amount of € 2,000.00 + 50% = € 3,000.00. Example 2: if your company makes a donation of € 7,000, a deduction of € 7,000 + € 2,500.00 (max. amount) = € 9,500.00 applies. We will not mention any company name on our website for gifts, nor will any compensation apply.


We have the option for companies to sponsor us. We assume that the sponsorship is linked to something in return. The Vitality Foundation will send you an invoice of the sponsorship amount, stating VAT. We would be happy to discuss the options for a possible consideration with you or your company.

During the period that the new Museum is still under development, we offer sponsors that sponsor € 500.00 the following in return: (name mentions (logo) for 2 years until after sponsorship)

  • We mention your name on the website
  • We mention your name on printed matter (such as newsletters)
  • We mention your name inside the museum
  • 10 free tickets for the museum / € 1,000 sponsorship
  • 1 Battlefield Tour with 50% discount / € 1,000 sponsorship

The periodic nature may be one of conditions of the sponsorship.

As soon as we may proceed with the new building, the sponsoring will become effective on the ‘à la carte’ principle. All sponsors (from € 1000.00) receive a number of “rations”, depending on the amount that is sponsored. In addition to the compensation from the basic package below, which applies to all sponsors, the sponsor can exchange these points below according to their own use.

Basic pack:
a. Mention of the company logo in black/white and/or company name on the “Road to Victory”, a 3D artwork that will be exhibited in our Museum. This is a permanent entry for the entire year that the artwork is being displayed.

b. Invitation to the opening event for max. 10 people per company.

c. 2 days on set during the construction.

d. Invited to see the foundation stone being laid.

e. Invited on the day when the highest point is reached.

f. Company name on the website for 1 entire year. Extras of the basic package from Commander and up. (see below for the corresponding amounts)

g. Placing the company logo/website on our Memorial website during 3 years.

h. The opportunity to behold and join the Recommendation Committee. The committee meets once a year. ‘Rations à la carte’, to be used for:

  • Entrance ticket for the museum 1 ration*
  • Memorial package entrance ticket + coffee 2 rations*
  • Rent our museum space (max. 30 people), per half day 5 rations*
  • Company name and/or company logo (in black/white) on the wall
  • inside the museum 10 rations*
  • Presentation or showing Memorial films on location
  • (matching objectives of knowledge and education) 10 rations*
  • Placing company logo/website on our website 2 rations*
  • Mention on printed flyers/posters/online communication and our newsletter 5 rations*

The compensations are valid from the start of the project until 1 year after opening.

* tickets are valid until one year after opening.

Sponsor packages                 You sponsor            You receive:
Adjudant                                € 1000,-                    3 rations
Lieutenant                            € 2.500,-                  5 rations
Capitaine                                € 5.000,-                  10 rations
Commandant                        € 10.000,-                20 rations
Lieutenant-Colonel              € 25.000,-                50 rations
Colonel                                    € 50.000,-                100 rations
Général                                 >€ 50.000,-             > 100 rations

Contact information

Museum Memorial 40-45 Kapelle is registered under the name ‘Foundation Vitality’ a museum with Cultural ANBI status.

Goessestraatweg 6
4421PJ Kapelle, Nederland
RSIN no 851835570
Chamber of Commerce no. 55725767
Rabobank: NL38RABO0114 4395 83

For more information you can reach us at:
Contact: Chairman Andries Looijen
Phone: +31 (0)6 1002 8568

General affairs and contact – email:                                                                                 
Financial / fiscal affairs – email:

Interested parties can view the collection during the opening hours.

Via the button below (ANBI) you can read our data regarding ANBI requirements.